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Business. Life. Coaching.

Increase Your Wealth, Reduce Your Stress, 
Love Your Life.
Exclusive, Confidential Coaching With Tamara Dorris.
Welcome to the Coaching Resource for Professionals Who Command Quality & Are Committed to Their Career.

You are among the top percent in your city (or intend on becoming).      Maybe you're building a new business or need to amp up your current one. How about writing a book? Whatever your BIG GOAL is, you need support, direction, and accountability. 

Relax. Not a problem here.

Let's face facts: Because of  your position, you require confidentiality.  But we both know that the higher up you are, the more stress you encounter. Leaders don't like to show their vulnerability to their team, so they hold it inside. Sound familiar? The bad thing about that is that all the stress has to have somewhere to go or else you'll explode at others or implode on yourself (think: heart attack/disease/divorce/excess weight).

Fortunately, there's a better solution.

Why Coaching With Tamara is Different:

--Customized support in planning your ultimate vision. 
Nothing is too big.

--Exceptional support with addressing and alleviating your stress.

--Identify and change your own self-limiting beliefs and habits and install positive, productive ones through neuroscience & hypnotherapy.
--Being kept on task, on target, and in your zone, all the time, in whatever way you need to fully support you and your goals. With complete PRIVACY.

--Tap into the infinite powers of your mind & quantum physics in ways that will impress and amaze you.

--And of course, you can count on Tamara's support, guidance, and expertise in real estate, business, marketing, social media, book writing, and more, if you are so inclined.
Why Tamara?

Tamara has spent more than two decades of research in neuroscience, quantum physics AND real estate, which have all led her to coaching real estate professionals. Go ahead, do a google search on her. You'll see she's a long-time professor, best-selling author, and long time real estate practitioner and trainer...not to mention a real estate radio host who has interviewed nearly a thousand top producing agents over the years, and someone who's been interviewed on the top real estate podcasts in the country. Some of her clients close MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR DEALS.

"...just closed my biggest deal ever. What you put out in the world is what you get back and what you believe to be true is true. Thank you Tamara Dorris! "  Jay, New York City
(Hint: the "biggest deal ever" above was a multi-million dollar transaction, double-ended )

"Tamara is like my real estate therapist; I went from burnt out and anxious to feeling calm and confident most all the time. And the future looks amazing!"  Janet, South Beach

Having an executive coach can be the difference between mega success and failure. First, fill out the application at the very top of this page. Next, click below to schedule a one-on-one chat with Tamara. Even if you're not right for the program or visa versa (heaven forbid!), you'll still walk away with some information and ideas that you probably didn't start with.

Complete customization of your coaching program.

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